open Chairman & CEO – Dr. David Su

Dr. Su received a Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan in 1982, and a Ph.D. Degree from the State University of New York, Stony Brooks in 1986. Later in the same year, he joined General Electric (GE) Company, responsible for TFT-LCD project for avionics application. Dr. Su came back to Taiwan in 1990 to join Unipac Optoelectronics. He was among the significant parts to set up Taiwan's first TFT-LCD fab. After that, he became the Vice President of Product Development at Unipac from 1995 through 2001, when Acer Display Technology merged Unipac, and the new company was renamed as AUO. After the merger, Su began his sales and marketing career by becoming GM of Audio-Video Display business unit in 2001. Later in 2003, he took over the TV Display business unit, then led the TV and consumer electronics units as BU President in 2007. Next in 2008, AUO established Lextar and Dr. Su was named President. In 2013, Dr. Su was appointed Chairman and CEO.


In recognition of his skilled leadership, Su received the National Manager Excellence Award from the Chinese Professional Management Association, and Distinguished Alumnus of National Tsing Hua University in 2006. Dr. Su also won "LED Mastermind Award" at LEDinside Aurora Award 2012 for his distinguished leadership.

open Chairman of Lextar Electronics, Suzhou – Allen Huang


Huang is Chairman of Lextar Suzhou, China. Prior to his current position, he was President of Lextar after the company merged Wellypower Optronics in 2013. Before merger, Huang was Chairman and President of Wellypower Optronics, transforming Wellypower’s product and production focus from CCFL to LED successfully in a very short time.


Huang founded LightHouse Technology as President since 2003. Before that, he had versatile experience in Philips , Unipac and AOT respectively. Huang received a Bechelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Chung Yuen Christian University Taiwan in 1984.


openVice President of Strategic Investment Business Unit  – Dr. Mong Lin


Dr. Mong Lin was appointed President of Lextar in 2014. Prior to his current position, he was VP of Global Manufacturing Center at Lextar, leading Manufacturing, Quality Management and Supply Chain Management. Lin joined Lextar in 2009, and served as head of several functions including Chip Manufacturing Division, New Process Project Office and Supply Chain Management Division. Before joining Lextar, Lin held various positions in global corporations.

Dr. Lin was a versatile professional with extensive experiences in R&D, Marketing, Operational and technical development sectors. He successfully managed business mergers twice in Lextar. Lin is adept in simplification, which manifests even significant results in this vertically integrated LED company with complicated operation and production lines.

open CFO and Vice President of Management Center– B.Y. Chang
Chang received MBA degree from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai in 2005. He joined Acer Display Technology (former AUO) in 1998 as a leader in accounting division. In 2002, Chang became the CFO of AUO Suzhou, and then returned to Taiwan in 2005 as the Associate Vice President for accounting of AUO. In 2009, Chang became the CFO and Spokesperson of Lextar. In 2012 Chang was promoted as Vice President for Financial Division. Chang is also now holding the position, Vice President of Management Center.
open Vice President of Automobile Product Business Group - Dr. Louis Lu

Dr. Louis Lu worked at IRTI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), AU Optronics, and Wellypower Electronics.


Lu joined Lextar in 2013 and served as President of Lextar (Suzhou). Lu was appointed as Vice President of Marketing & Sales Business Group in 2016, handling both backlighting and general lighting marketing business groups. He currently is also the supervisor of Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association.


open Vice President of Backlight Product Business Group - Dr. Terry Tang

Dr. Terry Tang posses rich practical experiences in LED industry more than fifteen years. Before joining Lextar, he worked at United Epitaxy, Epitech, South Expitaxy and Epistar. Tang joined Lextar in 2009 and served as Associate Vice President of Chip manufacturing division and Senior Associate Vice President of Lextar’s Taiwan manufacturing center.


Tang was appointed as Vice President of Global Operation in 2015, handling, manufacturing, quality management and supply chain management both in Lextar Taiwan and China (Suzhou site). Tang received his Ph.D. Degree of Chemical Engineering from National TsingHua University. He has vast production and operations management experiences in LED manufacturing, and played an important role in two business mergers at Lextar in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

open Vice President of Technical Center - Mr. CN Huang

Mr. CN Huang joined Lextar in 2017. Prior to Lextar, Huang has over-20-year experience in LED industry after he received Master of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Science from National Cheng-Kung University in 1992. Huang has broad experience in R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing and HR. In addition, Huang has handled several M&A cases in Taiwan LED industry. Mr. CN Huang is now Vice President of Lextar Technology Center while leading New Product Business Division at the same time. Huang plays an essential role in Lextar’s focused fields including IR, UV, VCSEL and other new business development. 

open Organization Chart