Corporate Governance

Remuneration Committee

I. Remuneration Committee


According to the “Lextar Organic Regulation of Remuneration Committee,” the members of the remuneration committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. There shall be three members at the minimum, including at least one independent director. The members shall elect from among themselves one independent director as the chairman and to preside over the meeting. Three independent directors are now serving on the remuneration committee. The Company’s remuneration committee has met the requirements.

The major duties of the remuneration committee are:
Each members of the remuneration committee shall exercise the duty of care of a good administrator, faithfully perform the following duties and submit the recommendations to the Board meeting for discussion:

  1. Prescribe and periodically review the performance evaluation of the directors and officers, as well as the policy, system, criteria and structure of the remuneration.
  2. Periodically evaluate and prescribe the remuneration of director and officer.


The remuneration committee shall have at least two meetings per year. The meeting attendance can be found in the Company’s annual reports.



II. Members of the Fourth Remuneration Committee
Term of Office: June 6, 2019 to June 5, 2022
Independent director Mr. Wen, Sen Tai (Chairman)
Independent director Mr. Chen, Yih Lian
Independent director Mr. Shen, Shian-Ho