Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

 The eight directors (including three independent directors) serving in the Company’s Board have the professional skills or experience in the LED industry or financial practices to build a complete Board structure. The Board members are Mr. David Su, Mr. Chen, Hsuan Bin, Mr. Lin, Tien-Yu, the representative of AU Optronics Corp., Mr. Liau, Wei-Lung, the representative of AU Optronics Corp., Mr. Huang, Teng-Huei, independent director Mr. Wen, Sen Tai, independent director Mr. Chen, Yih Lian, and independent director Mr. Shen, Shian-Ho.


The diversity of the Company's Board of Directors:

Specialized in management, leadership, decision-making, and industrial knowledge are Director David Su, Director Chen, Hsuan Bin, Director Huang, Teng-Huei, DirectorLin, Tien-Yu, Director Liau, Wei-Lung, Director Wen, Sen Tai, Director Chen, Yih Lian, and Director Shen, Shian-Ho. Director Wen, Sen Tai, and Director Chen, Yih Lian are also specialized in finance and accounting.

25% of the directors are also the employees of the Company and 37.5% of the are independent directors. Among the independent directors, one holds the term of office for 7~9years, two for 10~12 years. Among the Company’s directors, two  are  younger than 50 years old, two are between the ages of 50-59, and four are between 60-69.