Policy & Statement

Lextar Electronics Corporation aims at manufacturing ultra high brightness Light Emitting Diode (LED) products. Our team is consistently in cohesion to the core values "Integrity & Discipline, Passion & Professionalism, Execution & Excellence, Caring & Contribution" and devoted to "Protecting employees rights, Improving energy efficiency, Providing a safe and comfortable workplace, Enhancing Environmental management performance, Executing the Ethical Code of Conduct, and Fulfilling the Corporate Social Responsibility". We hope we will be a leading company in the lighting industry.

To accomplish the fore-mentioned goals, we are committed to continual improvement and undertaking the following:


1. Comply with the Laws and Fulfill Commitments

  • In compliance with or exceeding statutory labor, ESH and energy associated laws and regulations.

  • Stand by voluntary commitment.


2. Respect and Conserve the Employees' Rights

  • Comply with applicable wage laws, and prohibit the wage deduction as a punishing measure.

  • Advocate employment freedom, and ensure all work being voluntary.

  • Humane treatment and prohibit unlawful discrimination.


3. Promote a Environmental Protection, Safe and Healthy Workplace

  • Adopt best available control technologies in favor of pollution and hazard prevention and risk control.

  • Advance the workplace safety and employees’ health in prevention from occupational injuries and diseases.

  • Apply the principle of “Design for Environment” to products and services, and minimizing environmental impacts throughout business operations.

  • Dedicate to advanced technology development, to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Support green procurement and give priority to purchasing the products with Energy Label.


4. Improving The Performance of Corporate Governance

  • Conduct regular reviews of corrective actions in order to continuously improve operation and ESH performances.

  • Integrate the value chain and maximizing synergy by keeping business partners engaged in associated activities.

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy usage costs.


5. Uncompromising integrity, execute the ethical code of conduct

  • Implement the highest standards of integrity in all business behaviors.

  • Strictly prohibit any form of corruption, bribes, extortion and embezzlement.

  • Set standards for fair dealing, advertising and competition and to provide means to keep customer information confidential.


6. Enhance Employee Communication

  • Encourage open communication and direct participation among employees and management.

  • Reinforce stakeholder engagement and performing continuous improvements based on feedbacks of stakeholders.

  • Disclose information regarding business activities and management performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices.


7. Foster Sustainability Culture

  • Further employees' techniques and skills with the aim of deepening awareness and reinforcing practices.

  • Actively Engage with enhancing social culture, caring disadvantaged groups and ESH associated organizations or activities in benefit of value of diversity.


8. Fulfilling Its Responsibility as A Corporate Citizen

  • Incorporate these principles of social responsibility into all levels of corporate business operation.

  • Promote the spirit of the policy and advocate public service activities.

Lextar's Statement on Responsible Sourcing of Minerals

Lextar is a subsidiary of Ennostar Inc., pro-actively involved in the global action to resist conflict minerals and promises not to use any conflict minerals or accept the raw minerals from the D.R. Congo, and its neighboring nations in conflict to ensure that the metals Sn, Ta, W, Au, Co and Mica do not come from the D. R. Congo or its neighboring nations controlled by armed forces. Lextar also asks the upstream suppliers to trace the sources of all raw minerals contained in the products. For more information, please visit Ennostar's Statement on Responsible Sourcing of Minerals.

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