Management Profile

Terry Tang
Chairman and President
Terry Tang
Dr. Terry Tang has become active in his role as Chairman and President of Lextar. He joined Lextar during its early stage and was responsible for crucial tasks, including driving intelligent supply chain initiatives, integrating upstream and downstream resources, spearheading advanced technology development, developing backlight unit business and supervising facility under construction in China. He has accumulated rich leadership experience in areas such as manufacturing, R&D, production and supply chain, sales and operation. He propels the development of product applications with strong R&D capabilities and partners with customers and supply chain partners to achieve new milestones together. Dr. Terry Tang has extensive experience in the LED industry for nearly twenty-five years. Before joining Lextar, he had held positions at United Epitaxy, Epitech, South Expitaxy and EPISTAR. He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan in 1996.
Organization Chart
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