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Lextar to Release Frameless LED Flat Panel Light “ALLUXIA”

Opening A New Era for LED Panel Light 5.0

Lextar Electronics Corp (“Lextar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3698), the LED vertical integration manufacturer, will release its new generation LED flat panel lights – ALLUXIA. ALLUXIA’s frameless visual effect can create flexibility for seamless connection of luminaires. With its simple and neat appearance, it opened a new era of LED flat panel light 5.0. Lextar will unveil ALLUXIA at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair taking place during October 27-30, 2015.


隆達電子新發表之第五代無邊框板燈 – ALLUXIA

Lextar’s newly released frameless panel light - ALLUXIA



Since Lextar released its first LED flat panel light in 2010, it has continually been improved and evolved, and has now reached its fifth generation. Lextar’s newly released ALLUXIA flat panel light adopted its mature backlight technology to further improve the planar optical performance, and created a frameless, full-surface luminous visual design. The surface mount installation can create continuous illuminating visual effects, increasing the flexibility and fun of indoor designs. Its frameless outline and thin, low-key appearance allows it to elegantly blend in with the environment, satisfying the diverse needs for various interior designs. As for its product specifications, the ALLUXIA flat panel light uses the microstructure optical technology of a special light guide plate to create balanced and soft surface light, and is able to reduce glare. The innovative aluminum frame structure allows the luminaire to have both the advantages of being lightweight and also being strong to avoid bending when suspension. In addition, the thin design not only allows it to suspend or surface mount onto the ceiling, creating the effect of making the ceiling look higher and releasing space height, it can also reduce packaging materials and lower transportation volume significantly, therefore meeting environmental protection demand.


The Associate Vice President of Lextar’s Lighting Business Unit Mr. Francis Wong stated that Lextar’s years of leading development and market operations for LED flat panel lights have won great reviews in the European and American markets. Since the release of Lextar’s first flat panel light in 2010, it has been through the second generation plastic frame panel light, third generation ultra-thin LEAFIA panel light and the fourth generation Driver Inside all-in-one integrated panel light. The evolution of the technology and demand in the panel light market could be seen from Lextar’s product development track, and this has also become the key why major brands continue to cooperate with Lextar to develop panel lights products. This time, Lextar continued to use its optical, mechanical, electrical and thermal integration technologies and innovative designs by the industrial design team to release the ALLUXIA frameless flat panel light, which will be making its debut on October 27 at Asia’s most important lighting show – the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). Lextar will be displaying its LED product lineup including flat panel lights and liner lights, ultra-high color rendering (CRI 97) tubes and smart tubes for parking lot, and LED module series at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). This is the seventh showcase Lextar demonstrates the LED lighting products at this fair; please visit more exhibit details at Lextar event site: http://lextar.com/promote/2015_HKILF_Luminaire(EN)/index.html