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Lextar Reports 3Q 2015 Financial Results and October Sales

Lextar Electronics Corp (“Lextar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3698) reported consolidated revenue for the third quarter of 2015 of NT$ 3.5 billion, a slight QoQ decline of 2.3%; consolidated gross margin was 8.5%, and net profit was NT$ 36 million. A basic EPS for 3Q 2015 was NT$ 0.06. The consolidated revenue for the first 3 quarters from January to September 2015 reported NT$ 10.6 billion, net profit NT$ 240 million, and basic EPS from 1Q to 3Q 2015 NT$ 0.39.


The company also reports October 2015 sales of NT$ 1.3 billion, an MoM increase of 2.7%.

3Q 2015 financial result highlights:

  • lextar_tri_r_icon.png Revenues were NT$ 3.5 billion, down 2.3% QoQ
  • lextar_tri_r_icon.png Net profits were NT$ 36 million
  • lextar_tri_r_icon.png Basic EPS were NT$ 0.06

According to B.Y. Chang, the CFO of Lextar, due to the overall economic downturn, the decline of European consuming ability, and the slowdown of China economy, etc., the third quarter is assumed to be a high season but without being busy this year. In spite of facing the rigid pricing pressure, Lextar still continues to enhance the management of supply chain, the optimization of factories and control management of expenses to reduce the impact of the external environment. In the third quarter for applications of panels, Lextar persists to import Direct-lit LED Backlight, and adopts the new CSP (Chip Scale Package) technology to stimulate the demand of markets at the leading position. In the aspect of lighting markets, the penetration ratio of global LED lighting is predicted up thirty percent this year, which shows the strength contraction. In the third quarter, Lextar launched high CP ratio LED package which provides the application of consuming light source, and develops actively commercial lamps and lighting products, especially panel lights, being the most popular for European customers.


Lextar Electronics Corp., indicates that the strength of economic environment recovered slightly in the fourth quarter, but Lextar still imports new products and new customers, and the application of Backlight will continue to develop niche products, such as adopting CSP of Flip-Chip, WCG high Color Rendering products, the Backlight of mobile application and flash light package products etc. In the lighting application markets, it will promote actively value added lamps and optoelectronic integration of LED module products. Lextar, apart from persisting to promote the high CP ratio for new lighting package products to focus on bulb markets, also exploits various LED smart LED tubes, as well as the G5.0 frameless panel lights and linear luminaires with design texture.