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Lextar Human-Centric Lighting Flat Panel Light “ALLUXIA” Honored Red Dot Design Award

The LED vertical integrator Lextar Electronics (“Lextar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3698) released its flat panel light “ALLUXIA” which was recently honored 2016 Red Dot Design Award by its innovative human-centric lighting concept and frameless look.


The human-centric lighting will be an illumination trend that is currently popular in Japanese and European market. Through effective driver design and Lextar’s in-house manufactured mixed-color temperature LEDs, the ALLUXIA flat panel lamp that was recently granted Red Dot Design Award, is able to change the color temperature by simulating the sunshine evolved along with morning and evening in creating an illuminating environment, bringing about natural physical rhythm for people in each day. For example, it can present 3000K of warm yellowish light in the morning and the evening while regulating the lamp to 7000K bright light at noontime so that the light color temperature of the room will be fading away along with the natural sunshine outdoors. ALLUXIA human-centric lighting panel light is suitable for hospital wards, countries with shorter daylight during the winter, or the indoor space lacking of natural sunlight. Besides, with its frameless design, ALLUXIA can be spliced for continuous extending in creating full-surface illumination visual effect. With human-centric lighting function embedded, it works like an indoor light shaft. Additionally, the low-profile and terse outline design can blend into any interior design gracefully. In March this year, the ALLUXIA human-centric lamp made its debut at Light+Building 2016 in Frankfurt and it was highly regarded by customers from European countries. In this June, it was demonstrate again in the LED exhibition of “2016 Photonics Festival in Taiwan” held in Taipei.


It is the core concept of Lextar upholding that “intellect” and “human-factor” will be the main driving force for developing the LED lighting in the future. In “intellect” aspect, it emphasizes the light and control system and even the combination of cloud data, whereas, the “human-factor” is a key to presenting the color fidelity of the light in demonstrating the technological momentum for the LED components. Today, Lextar has become a fully-fledged firm featuring on the integrated up-, mid- and downstream LED production process where the epitaxial, chip to LED package are privately researched and manufactured. For this reason, we are armed with more reliable advantages in the color fidelity of the light. With the introduction of LED manufactured by Lextar, the newly released ALLUXIA human-centric frameless flat panel lamps are capable of simulating the change of light color of the lamp along with the evolution of daylight and this is the solid fact in winning the Red Dot Design Award.

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