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Lextar to Announce I-Mini Square Module for Automotive Tail Lamps

Lextar Electronics, the vertically integrated LED company is to announce its I-Mini Square module for automotive tail lamp application. The company applied its newest mini LED technology on automotive tail lamps which can display dynamic image smoothly. No longer after Lextar announced its Mini LED display technology in August, it has again made an innovative breakthrough in Mini LED applications. This concept application will make its debut at the biannual Electronica 2018 held in Munich from 13 to 16 Nov.

Lextar indicated that the automotive tail lamp application module - I-Mini Square (view the 30-sec video: https://youtu.be/j5iHCNOj1lQ ) is able to display RGB full color screens, and is equipped with high brightness, thin design, high contrast, high resolution, and long lifetime. When it is applied on automotive tail lamps, it can perfectly deduce driving, stop, indicators, and reversing lights; in addition, the thinned module can increase the design space and flexibility of the tail lamp significantly. The smooth dynamic screen performance can realize customization and personalize your own tail lamp, or display warning screens, achieving the function of message communication. Moreover, compared to OLED display that is currently applied on automotive lamps, I-Mini Square has even higher reliability because it leaves no image sticking and has better environmental tolerance. Applying the I-Mini Square module from Lextar Electronics on automotive lamps subverts people’s imagination of traditional automotive lamps; it can achieve personalization and increase the sense of design as well as driving safety.


Lextar’s I-Mini display technology has unlimited applications in the future; with the trend of IoT and smart device, display will be vastly used for communicating digital content. I-Mini not only is the first to step into vehicle applications, it is also expected to have great development spaces in fields such as commercial, entertainment, education, medical, retail industries…etc. in the future. Visit Lextar’s event site at electronica 2018: http://www.lextar.com/promote/2018_electronica2018_EN/index.html